Vegan Orange Chocolate Milk Martini

I really like that this cocktail isn’t as sweet as it sounds. It’s on the same wavelength as a white russian. Though I have a pretty high sweet tolerance, I’ll drink kahlua on the rocks! It’s the bitters that really cut the sweet level and add a nice round undertone.

I imagine drinking these while eating raw cookie dough at a grown-up sleep over or sipping them at a holiday dinner party as we break open the chocolate orange wrapped in shimmering foil. But who honestly needs a party to enjoy a decent cocktail?


Vegan Orange Chocolate Milk Martini

1 1/2 oz Vodka (Vanilla Vodka if you have it on hand!)
1 1/2 oz Almond Breeze Dark Chocolate Almond Milk or plain sweetened soymilk with added Chocolate Syrup
dash of Orange Bitters 
Vegan Chocolate Syrup 
Orange Zest for garnish

Chill a cocktail glass ahead of time. Mix the chocolate in to the milk if you are using plain soymilk. Add the dash of bitters and stir. Pour into a shaker filled with ice and add the vodka. Shake until a good froth is mixed up. Dip the lip of your cocktail class into chocolate syrup, then add a sprinkle of orange zest. Swirl a little extra chocolate syrup into the cup, then strain the drink over it. Enjoy responsibly.



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