Frozen Peaches & Cream Cocktail

Like a spiked ice cream float, this is a fun sugary way to booze it up a bit. No ice cream here, the sugar is all in the schnapps. It reminds me of the shot called a Silk Panty, which is no wonder being nothing more than vodka and peach schnapps. Use vanilla flavored or plain sweetened non-dairy milk if you want it on the sweeter side. Cool and refreshing, it’s great for hot summer days when you can’t decide between a cocktail and a milkshake.

Peaches & Cream Cocktail (serves 2)

1 cup frozen peach
3/4 cup soy or almond milk 
2 shots peach schnapps 
1 shot vodka (vanilla or unflavored is fine)
1 tsp vanilla extract 
1/2 cup crushed ice

Blend all the ingredients on high for about 30 seconds, or until the peach is completely smooth. Serve immediately and enjoy responsibly.

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