Vegan Cake Donuts

I like making donuts for vegan bake sales for three reasons. Firstly, it’s unlikely that others are going to go to the effort of making homemade donuts to donate to a bake sale, so it’s not going to be a repeat item like cookies. Second, they’re always the first thing to sell because people go crackers for vegan donuts. Thirdly, it gives me an accuse to make donuts for myself, but I only get to eat one because I’ve already promised them to the fundraiser. Hence, I get donuts without ending up shaped like one.

Mini Vegan Cake Donuts (yields 2 batches of mini donuts)

 2 cups flour
1/2 cup raw sugar
1 tsp sea salt
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
2 tablespoons lightly flavored oil
1/2 cup non-dairy milk, soy/almond/hemp would be best
1 tbsp flax seed whisked with 3 tbsp water
1 tsp vanilla extract
Oil for frying

Mix flour, sugar, salt, powder, nutmeg. Add the oil and mix until it appears crumbly. Add the ‘milk’, vanilla and flax. Adding a little extra flour, turn out on to a clean counter-top and finish mixing by a quick knead. Roll out to a 1/2 inch thickness and cut out into desired shape/size.

I used a shot glass and the cap off my vanilla bottle to make tiny donuts and donut holes. The idea was to cut how much I was eating and to make them more appealing for the bake sale. Donut cutters are pretty easy to find at any of your typical kitchen shops. I used to use two different sized biscuit cutters.

Ease gently into 375F oil. Use a thermometer if you have one because it is easy to have your oil to hot and you will end up with even heavier, breadier donuts than a cake. My first batch was cooked too hot, so I got out my candy thermometer and the next batch came out perfect. Remove and allow to cook slightly before decorating.


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