Retro Black Cat Cocktail

This cocktail smacks of nostalgia and cherry coke and though the patented Cherry Coke only dates back to 1985, it was a favorite at retro soda fountains for years. Soda jerks would mix a cherry flavored syrup in to the pop. I don’t know the story behind this particular retro cocktail, but I imagine a 1950s Halloween Costume Party…

You can use plain brandy, but add a splash of grenadine or cherry syrup as Cherry Brandy is usually sweeter than regular. I decided to go all out and use Cherry Cola Zevia and some of my homemade Cherry Brandy. Zevia is a HUGE favorite of mine, I don’t know what I’d do without their Grapefruit Citrus! A retro drink would obviously use maraschino cherries, but I went with the un-dyed morello cherries from Trader Joe’s. This is certainly a new favorite of mine and will definitely be on next my Halloween party menu.

Retro Black Cat Cocktail (serves 1)

1 shot vodka
1 shot cherry brandy
2 shots cranberry juice (sweetened)
2 shots cherry cola soda pop
cherry to garnish

Pour vodka and brandy into a tom collins glass with ice and stir. Top up with the cranberry juice and cola. Add the cherry and enjoy! MEOW!


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