Miss Kitchen Witch


Chef Gwendolyn Mathers, also known as Miss Kitchen Witch, has been cooking professionally for ten-years, specializing in pastries and plant-based cooking. Deriving inspiration from cultural traditions and folk-foods, she promotes compassion and veganism through the culinary and creative arts.


Working with each client, she designs creative, delicious, and affordable vegan menus and meals for every occasion–preparing everyday comfort foods, full course meals for glamorous parties, and even creating personalized wedding cakes.


Trained in Hawaii, Chef Gwendolyn is experienced in a variety of regional and ethnic cuisines from the fresh flavors of Japan, Hawaii, and Thailand to the rich decadence of the British Isles and continental Europe.


She is currently working on her debut cookbook, which will exhibit her passion for vegan cooking and love of art.





• Made Just Right's (Earth Balance) Spring to Life recipe contest
Winning Appetizer Recipe: Zesty Fennel Tart


• 10th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational in Pasadena, CA
Professional Dessert Category:
Aurora Borealis
Featured in VegNews - The LAist - San Francisco Weekly - vegansaurus!


• Daiya Foods Get Cooking Video Contest
Winning Recipe in Video: Vegan Chilaquiles